Raymond Andrew Prize

In memory of Professor Dr. Raymond Andrew and to honor his pioneering work in the field of magnetic resonance, the AMPERE Group has founded the Raymond Andrew Prize. The prize is awarded to young scientists for an outstanding PhD thesis in magnetic resonance during the opening and prize session of the Euromar congress.

When/Where Citation
Giuliana Fusco

Euromar 2018
in Nantes
to Dr. Giuliana Fusco for her thesis:
"Structural Properties of α-Synuclein in Functional and Pathological Contexts"
written under the supervision of Prof. C.M. Dobson at the University of Cambridge, United Kingdom
Andrin Doll

Euromar 2017
in Warsaw
to Dr. Andrin Doll for his thesis:
written in the group of Prof. Gunnar Jeschke at ETH Zurich, Switzerland
Frédéric A. Perras

Euromar 2016
in Aarhus
to Dr. Frédéric A. Perras for his thesis:
"Structural Insights from the NMR Spectroscopy of Quadrupolar Nuclei: Exploiting Electric Field Gradient and Spin-Spin Coupling Tensors"
written in the group of David Bryce at the University of Ottawa (Canada).
Jean-Philippe Demers

Euromar 2015
in Prague
to Dr. Jean-Philippe Demers for his thesis:
"From Slow to Ultra-fast MAS: Structural Determination of Type-Three Secretion System Bacterial Needles and Inorganic Materials by Solid-State NMR"
written at Georg-August University School of Science (GAUSS) in Göttingen (Germany)
Olivier Duss

Euromar 2014
in Zurich
to Dr. Olivier Duss for his thesis:
"Assembly, 70 kDa solution structure and mechanism of action of the bacterial non-coding RNA RsmZ in complex with the global regulatory protein RsmE."
written in the group of Frédéric H.-T. Allain.
Michael C.D. Tyler

Euromar 2013
in Hersonissos, Crete, Greece
to Dr. Michael C. D. Tayler for his thesis:
"Theory and practice of singlet nuclear magnetic resonance."
written in the group of Malcolm Levitt.
Galia T. Debelouchina

Euromar 2012
in Dublin, Ireland
to Dr. Galia T. Debelouchina for her thesis:
"Amyloid Fibril Structure of Peptides and Proteins by Magic Angle Spinning NMR Spectroscopy and Dynamic Nuclear Polarization."
written in the group of Robert G. Griffin.
Mark Hunter

Euromar 2011
Frankfurt/Main, Germany
to Dr. Mark Hunter for his thesis:
"Measurement and Simulation of the Nonlocal Dispersion Tensor in Porous Media."
written in the group of Paul Callaghan.
Benjamin Wylie

Euromar 2010
in Florence, Italy
to Dr. Benjamin Wylie for his thesis:
"Solid-State Magic Angle Spinning NMR Methods for Tensor Measurements and Protein Structure Refinement Using Chemical Shift Tensors."
written in the group of Chad M. Rienstra.
Nils Lakomek

Euromar 2009
in Göteborg, Sweden
to Dr. Nils Lakomek for his thesis:
"New Methods in NMR Spectroscopy for the Study of Protein Dynamics."
written in the group of Christian Griesinger.
Boak Shapira

Euromar 2008
St.Peterburg, Russia
to Dr. Boaz Shapira for his thesis:
"Ultrafast two-dimensional NMR spectroscopy: development of a new tool for structural and dynamic analysis in the chemical and life science."
written in the group of Lucio Frydman.
Christian Degen

Euromar 2007
in Tarragona, Spain
to Dr. Christian Degen for his thesis:
"Magnetic Resonance Force Microscopy: NMR Spectroscopy on the Micro- and Nanoscale"
written in the group of Beat Meier.
Carlos Mattea

Euromar 2006
in York, UK
to Dr. Carlos Mattea for his thesis:
"Molecular dynamics in porous media studied by Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Techniques"
written in the group of Rainer Kimmich.
Christian Beat Hilty

Euromar 2005
in Veldhoven, the Nederlands
to Dr. Christian Beat Hilty for his thesis:
"NMR Studies of the Membrane Protein OmpXin DHPC micelles"
written in the group of Kurt Wüthrich.
Fabien Ferrage

Euromar 2004
to Dr. Fabien Ferrage for his thesis:
"Proton Spectroscopy in Heteronuclear NMR of Biomolecules. Single-Transition Cross Polarization and Heteronuclear Stimulated Echoes"
written in the group of Geoffrey Bodenhausen.
Elena Vinogradov

Euromar 2003
in Lille, France
to Dr. Elena Vinogradov for her thesis:
"Protons in Solid State MAS NMR Spectroscopy"
written in the group of Shimon Vega.
Song-I Han

Euromar 2002
in Poznań, Poland
to Dr. Song-I Han for her thesis:
"Correlation of Position and Motion by NMR: Pipe Flow, Falling Drop and Salt Water Ice"
written in the group of Bernhard Blümich.