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Upcoming conferences

Ampere Events 2024

MRPM 16, 2024
Tromsø (Norway) August 26-30

XIIth EFEPR Conference 2024
Marseille (France) September 8-12

Ampere Events 2025

Alpine Conference on Magnetic Resonance in Solids
Chamonix (France) September 14-18

Ampere Events 2026

Göttingen (Germany) September 6-10

Other Events 2026

FGMR Annual Discussion Meeting
Mainz (Germany) September 13-17

The current AMPERE bulletin

AMPERE Bulletin No. 295, Summer 2024

A magnetic-resonance journal for the community, not for profit

We invite all researchers working in a field related to topics covered by „Magnetic Resonance - An interactive open-access publication of the Groupement AMPERE“ to submit manuscripts at Magnetic Resonance.

The AMPERE Magnetic Resonance mailing list

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Vladimír Sklenář (*16.4.1951 - †13.4.2024)

The Groupement AMPERE mourns the passing away of Vladimír Sklenář who was a long time member and supporter of AMPERE. He will be missed by our community but we will remember him. Rest in peace, Vladi!
©Photo Archive: Masaryk University

the AMPERE Café

organized by Jennifer Mathies and David Joseph,
is a framework for virtual get-togethers, with which we aim to foster informal interactions among scientists working in the field of magnetic resonance.

Upcoming online edition:
will be announced soon

The AMPERE Visual Encyclopedia of NMR

is a collection of short educational videos in the field of magnetic resonance. The videos can be found on our YouTube channel.

If you would like to contribute a video, please contact us at video@ampere-society.org to coordinate the topics.