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Upcoming conferences

Ampere NMR School
Zakopane (Poland) June 18-24, 2023

Euromar 2023
Glasgow, Scotland (United Kingdom)
July 9-13

17th ICMRM 2023
Singapore (Republic of Singapore)
August 27-31

Alpine Conference
on Magnetic Resonance in Solids 2023

Chamonix (France) September 10-14

Leipzig (Germany) September 24-28

Official Statement of the Groupement AMPERE to the Situation in Ukraine

The Groupement AMPERE and the magnetic resonance community in Europe have observed with great concern how a war has been started in the center of Europe aimed at destroying the sovereignty and integrity of Ukraine. AMPERE strongly condemns the Russian army's invasion of Ukraine, the resulting war and the destruction of human life, society and cities in Ukraine. The Russian invasion is an attack on the elementary values without which scientific freedom and scientific cooperation are difficult. We call on the Russian government to immediately stop all military actions, and our thoughts and solidarity are with all Ukrainian citizens and especially with our colleagues and their families who had to leave their homes to ensure their safety.

The Groupement AMPERE has been working for more than 70 years to promote contacts among scientists working on magnetic resonance and related phenomena throughout Europe. Of importance, though less known, is the role played by the Groupement AMPERE in maintaining effective scientific and human exchanges between Western and Eastern European countries all through the difficulties of the cold war. The motto of AMPERE, se connaître, s'entendre, s'entraider, has guided AMPERE since its foundation to help scientists in difficult economic or political situations. Today, more than ever, this motto must guide our thinking.

We remain convinced that research and contacts between researchers can build bridges across national and political borders. Still, as a European institution, we will suspend this year’s provision of auspice for conferences organized in the Russian Federation. Membership to AMPERE will be maintained for all our colleagues, taking into account that Russian scientists who do not support the conflict, are today often unable to voice their opinions without repercussions.

To support efforts to find temporary jobs for displaced researchers from Ukraine, we have also decided to actively sponsor Ukrainian scientists through a donation from AMPERE to cara, a non-governmental organization that provides a lifeline for at-risk academics.

The current AMPERE bulletin

AMPERE Bulletin No. 289, Winter 2022

A magnetic-resonance journal for the community, not for profit

We invite all researchers working in a field related to topics covered by „Magnetic Resonance - An interactive open-access publication of the Groupement AMPERE“ to submit manuscripts at Magnetic Resonance.

The AMPERE Magnetic Resonance mailing list

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the AMPERE Café

is a framework for virtual get-togethers, with which we aim to foster informal interactions among scientists working in the field of magnetic resonance.

Upcoming online editions:
March 2, 20:00 CET
Discussion on “Scientific publishing”
Please register here

May 11, 16:00 CEST
Discussion on “PhD supervision”

October 12, 20:00 CEST
Magnetic Resonance Trivia

November 23, 16:00 CET
to be announced

Note that the editions in May and November are "early" editions to accommodate magnetic resonance enthusiasts with families (in Europe) and to the far east of us.

The AMPERE Visual Encyclopedia of NMR

is a collection of short educational videos in the field of magnetic resonance. The videos can be found on our YouTube channel.

If you would like to contribute a video, please contact us at video@ampere-society.org to coordinate the topics.